Commons VFS 2.2, SFTP, and ProxyCommand
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Scott Dudley
2018-07-05 20:33:09 UTC
Can someone direct me to a code fragment or example of how to proxy an SFTP connection through an SSH host.  I'm able to do the following via shell:

sftp -o "ProxyCommand=ssh -e none ***@host1 exec /bin/nc %h %p 2>/dev/null" ***@host2/path

The following was my initial, failed attempt:

            FileSystemManager fsm = VFS.getManager();

            FileSystemOptions opts = new FileSystemOptions();
            StaticUserAuthenticator auth = new StaticUserAuthenticator(null, "user2", "password2");
            DefaultFileSystemConfigBuilder.getInstance().setUserAuthenticator(opts, auth);
            SftpFileSystemConfigBuilder builder = SftpFileSystemConfigBuilder.getInstance();
            builder.setProxyHost(opts, "host1");
            builder.setProxyUser(opts, "user1");
            builder.setProxyPassword(opts, "password1");
            FileObject fo = fsm.resolveFile("sftp://user2:***@host2/path", opts);

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