[ANNOUNCEMENT] Apache Commons Pool 2.6.0 released.
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Gary Gregory
2018-07-07 15:05:36 UTC
The Apache Commons Pool team is pleased to announce the release of Apache
Commons Pool 2.6.0.

Apache Commons Pool provides an object-pooling API and a number of object
pool implementations.
Version 2 contains a completely re-written pooling implementation compared
to the 1.x series.
In addition to performance and scalability improvements, version 2 includes
robust instance
tracking and pool monitoring.

- Version 2.6.0 requires Java 7 or above.
- Version 2.5.0 requires Java 7 or above.
- Version 2.0 requires 6 or above.

No client code changes are required to migrate from versions 2.0-2.3 to
version 2.4.3.
Users of version 1.x should consult the migration guide on the Commons Pool
web site.

NOTE: The MBean interfaces (DefaultPooledObjectInfoMBean,
and GenericKeyedObjectPoolMXBean) exist only to define the attributes
and methods
that will be made available via JMX. They must not be implemented by
clients as
they are subject to change between major, minor and patch version
releases of
Commons Pool. Clients that implement any of these interfaces may not,
be able to upgrade to a new minor or patch release without requiring

This is a maintenance release.

Changes in version 2.6.0 include:

Fixed Bugs:
o POOL-337: Ensure cancelled eviction tasks are removed from scheduler.
Thanks to Reinald Verheij.
o POOL-338: GenericObjectPool constructor may throw an exception under
OSGi. Thanks to Michael C, Gary Gregory.
o POOL-324:
org.apache.commons.pool2.impl.GenericObjectPool.getFactoryType() throws
java.lang.ClassCastException. Thanks to Jay Xu, Gary Gregory.
o POOL-344: Delete repeated call startEvictor. Thanks to Yulin Wang.

o POOL-336: GenericObjectPool's borrowObject lock if create() fails with
Error. Thanks to Wolfgang Glas.
o POOL-339: Update optional library cglib from 3.2.5 to 3.2.6.
o POOL-341: Update optional library asm-util from 6.0 to 6.1.1.
o POOL-342: Update optional library asm-util from 6.1.1 to 6.2.

Note that Clirr reports one warning:
"Value of field DEFAULT_EVICTION_POLICY_CLASS_NAME is no longer a
compile-time constant."
The value is initialized as "public static final String
DEFAULT_EVICTION_POLICY_CLASS_NAME = DefaultEvictionPolicy.class.getName();"
The value should not change from one run to the next.

For complete information on Apache Commons Pool, including instructions on
how to submit bug reports,
patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the Apache Apache Commons Pool


Gary Gregory
On behalf of the Apache Commons community